The revolutionary alternative for
internal and external wall insulation

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The cool way,
to warm walls

Developed for use in space and now ready for revolutionary application in the field of wall insulation.

Please let us introduce to you

De Aero-Therm products

There is no other insulation that achieves such a great saving with such a minimal application! The vacuum glass and plastic balls in Aero-Therm reflect the heat of the walls back into space. Because the heat is reflected directly from the wall, a thermally comfortable indoor climate is created which can be felt very quickly. Aero-Therm contains aero-gel, this gel is developed by NASA. Aero-Therm is used in homes, offices and business premises throughout Europe. Aero-Therm is for sale for both individuals and companies.

What is Aero-Therm?

Aero-Therm is a 1 mm thick insulating thermo active coating that reflects heat through glass and plastic microbubbles, which is the main component of Aero-Therm. A minimum layer thickness of 1 millimeter is all that is needed to achieve a possible saving of 35%. This ultra-thin reflective coating provides warmer walls, eliminates cold spots, prevents mold and provides a thermally comfortable space. No traditional insulation method offers this possibility with such a thin film thickness. Aero-Therm can be used in addition to the already conventional insulation methods..

Why isolate with

Do you have your own home or business property? Then it is smart to look at the possibilities that Aero-Therm can offer you. With Aero-Therm you create more comfort and a pleasant living environment and thus more living pleasure, but also a lower energy bill. After all, less gas or electricity is needed to heat up your home and keep it warm. You also make a positive contribution to the environment. You ensure lower CO2 emissions and a better footprint with regard to the earth's environment.


How does Aero-Therm work?

Aero-Therm works by reflecting radiant heat. The 1mm thick layer heats up very quickly and this will cause the surface of the walls to emit the heat again, causing the excess heat to be released to the air in the room and by means of the reflected heat radiation.


Where to applicate Aero-Therm?

Aero-Therm can be applied to the walls, floors and ceilings of your home, office, barn, guest house, or whatever space requires the best isolation. The product is used in a similar process as with the plastering. After finishing, the surface is smooth and ready to finish with paint, wallpaper, stucco or ornamental plaster. No traditional isolation method knows this application and all this without space loss!