Green TEG

Measuring according to European standard ISO 9869

Green TEG:

Measurement according to European ISO 9869. 100% Reliable.

Green TEG is a Swiss producer of high-quality measuring equipment. Duurzaam Wonen Holland Groep is a premium partner of this revolutionary measuring equipment.

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Duurzaam Wonen Holland Group is importer of Green TEG

Duurzaam Wonen Holland is the official importer of the Green TEG precision measuring equipment.

Green TEG introduced the new revolutionary HEAT FLUX wireless measuring equipment to the market in early 2018. This allows us to precisely measure the existing dwelling in terms of heat loss through the fa├žade, floor windows and the roof, so the actual insulation value can be demonstrated.

Measurements done with the Green TEG precision measuring equipment gives us the results are according to the European standard ISO 9869 and therefor we can be 100% fair in our advice