ETHERMA infrared panels

Date: 05 March 2019
Tags: Heating
ETHERMA infrared panels

If you are looking for a sustainable alternative to heating, which does not use fossil fuels, infrared panels are a greact choise.

Duurzaam Wonen Holland uses the quality products from Etherma, which are produced in Austria. With infrared heating, heat radiation is processed with electricity. This is in contrast to the usual heating systems that mainly work on gas. The energy efficiency from current by infrared radiation can be significantly higher than the efficiency of gas. Another advantage of infrared radiation is that it feels comfortable and warm at a temperature that is 2 to 3 degrees lower on your thermostat than with a conventional system.

Living room panels can reach a radiation temperature of up to 180 degrees Celsius, so that even on very cold winter days, a cooled room can be heated evenly and efficiently. The control system then ensures that the radiation temperature and energy consumption are adjusted downwards when the full power of the panel is no longer required. So you have a spare capacity for very cold days on the one hand, but no increased energy consumption on the other. all this is reinforced by the application of our Aero-Therm products, which means that the efficiency of the panels can increase by as much as 40%.