Date: 05 March 2019
Tags: Heat pumps

DWHgroep is also NEFIT dealer.

If you are interested or have questions about Nefit heat pumps you can always contact us without obligation. From information about products and pricing to the actual delivery and installation of your NEFIT heat pump, we will arrange it for you.

A heat pump is an increasingly popular alternative to the existing boiler, environmentally friendly and also cost-effective way to heat your home and produce hot water. We have chosen the quality products from NEFIT / BOSCH. The principle is simple: the heat from outside is taken inside. There are many different types of heat pumps and we give you advice in the right heat pump for your home. Examples are a heat pump next to your existing heating installation or a heat source based on geothermal heat. The heat pump offers excellent support for a water-based heating system.

The heat pump consists of an indoor and outdoor unit or an All in One system. The bivalent heat pump works together with the (existing) gas boiler. The indoor unit is placed next to the gas boiler, the outdoor unit on a roof or on a fa├žade. If you want to heat gasless, there is of course the All Electric tower which takes up more space because of its dimensions, but has combined the boiler and heat pump in one device, we also deliver this.

By combining the heat pump with the underfloor heating and the following products, a maximum saving can be realized on your energy and gas bill, even a 0 on the meter or energy positive home is feasible!