Water-based heating

Date: 05 March 2019
Tags: Heating
Water-based heating
Underfloor heating is great to use as the main heating of your home. Radiators are no longer needed. For example, when using a heat pump, it is a must have. The products that we can supply from Duurzaam Wonen Holland are also the thinnest underfloor heating systems on the market. we work with the Warp systems products.
Speetile and Speetherm are water-based low temperature floor and wall heating systems. The systems can be connected to all types of heating sources with the aid of a distributor. Gasless and energy-efficient systems are the future. The Warp systems are very suitable for this. The water temperature can be set extra low by minimum installation height. This increases the efficiency of, for example, the heat pump. Or think of a solar water heater system, also with this you can perfectly heat your home. Still a gas heated boiler? Even then, the Warp system is perfectly applicable!
Ask our DWH team about the possibilities for your living situation.
Dry building system:
Underfloor heating for underneath floating floors with high compressive strength such as laminate and / or click-PVC.
Wet building system:
Underfloor heating for instance tiled floors or concrete floors with or without color coating.