NEFIT solar water heater

Date: 05 March 2019
Tags: Solar water heater
NEFIT solar water heater

Have you ever thought about a solar water heater?

Nefit has developed the Solarline II for hot water or heating. The advanced collectors are tuned to the Dutch climate.

Each collector gets an exceptional return from ordinary daylight all year round. The boiler is connected to your (existing) high-efficiency boiler.

On sunny days the water for shower bath and kitchen is fully sustainable with solar energy. Your HR boiler will complement on days with little sunlight. On an annual basis you can use up to 60% less natural gas for the preparation of hot water.

If you are interested in a solar water heater or want to know how it looks in real life you can go to our showroom (by appointment); The Solarline 1-120 is in your showroom for you