Heating foil

Date: 02 July 2019
Tags: Heating
Heating foil

DWH also has heating foil.

This is a film layer in which carbon-based heating webs are used. This foil can be used directly under so-called "floating" floors such as laminate and click PVC floors. For the use of upholstered floor coverings and / or tarpaulins, an addition of an intermediate layer in the form of SINH board is required, which transmits the heat of the film well but offers enough firmness as a substrate for these forms of floor covering.

The films are available in 2 versions: 50 Watt p / M² for well-insulated or newly-built homes

                                                                100 Watt p / M² for existing construction - or less well insulated houses

For both versions you can count on a square meter price of € 37.50 including VAT, an editional thermostat is needed. This is available from € 64 including VAT.

Of course we can also take care of the installation, you can contact us for a quote.

Also for this product ; In combination with our Aero-Therm insulation coating, a higher efficiency of your floor heating is achieved.