ionization pump

Date: 02 July 2019
Tags: Heating, Heat pumps
ionization pump
In collaboration with Zondergas we can now also offer you an ionization pump.
Hereby we introduce the new ZonderGas Combine Ionization CV Pump based on an old principle. This technique has been used for years in military and aerospace purposes, but now available for everyone. The ionization heating pump is a heating device with a very high efficiency of more than 98%. Current is sent through a conductive liquid in a thermobloc. This energy makes the molecules move faster and converts electricity into thermal energy. This heat is transferred to the central heating system. Because there is no resistance like with conventional heating systems, the ionization heating pump is very quickly up to temperature. (within a few seconds).
Ionization heating itself is not new, but the applicability for homes is. The big advantage of ionization heating is that it has an energy conversion coefficient of 1: 3. An ionization central heating pump works on 1 phase 13 Ampere and thereby realizes 9 kW of heating power. The 12Kw version is satisfied with 18Ampere. So no power supply connection has to be requested. As a result, an Ionization heating pump can be used in almost all homes and is many times cheaper to purchase than a heat pump and many times cheaper to use than an electric central heating boiler.
In the Netherlands we want to get rid of gas and with this technology it is easy to keep existing heating system such as underfloor heating or radiators. The gas-fired central heating boiler can be replaced with this Ionization central heating pump.
ZonderGas is proud to be the first to offer this product on the Dutch market. The first installations are currently taking place. This system is a fully-fledged alternative to the Dutch market.
We can offer a complete range of ionic boilers without power reduction. The following versions are available: 9kW, 12kW and the 25kW.
The system is suitable for connecting to all types of existing installations and replaces the gas-fired central heating system for a sustainable alternative.
• The ionization boiler works on electricity and can therefore be used anywhere
• The operating principle is very reliable and has been in use in space travel for many years.
• No combustion takes place, so no emissions and no CO poisoning.
• No more gas connection and chimney required.
• The boilers are compact and can be placed anywhere
• Can be ideally combined with solar panels and boilers
• Not maintenance sensitive and easy to assemble
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